maar design

Open House Feast Event Marketing

Identity Development and Event Branding:
Open House Melbourne

graphic design & copy

identity development, event branding and marketing material for the catholic church, in the form of a secular feast event titled 'open house'. the fictitious event is aimed at improving community perception of the catholic church - following recent sexual abuse enquiries around the world by using the concepts of 'openness' and 'staple foods' as a binding force for humanity, regardless of religious denomination. marketing material, including a microsite, event menu, program, and conversation starter cards have been designed using light-hearted illustrations of staple foods used in a pattern, in the bright, cheery and simple colours of yellow and light blue. the menu is designed to open up on the plate, and conversation cards are strewn about to encourage people to reach out and discover something, and subsequently share the question with others at the dinner table.

student work ~ 4 days